New Shoes

Work Meister S1 – Polished
19×9 40p – 245/35/19
19×10 40p – 275/35/19


JZX100: Dead Turbo

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :(
Looks like the cause of failure is due to the turbo not being balanced and the journal bearing has shat itself causing contact between the compressor wheel and the housing.

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Bumper Repaint

After the front bumper was hit twice in the space of a fortnight (while parked), I finally got around to getting the car to Roy at YPM Panel & Paint for repair.

The lip was also repaired and painted while the bumper was off as it had some cracks from the previous owner in Japan.

DIY Gearbox Mount

After purchasing a Hardrace Gearbox Mount for the Chaser and finding it didn’t fit, I resorted back to a traditional method of mount reinforcement. Sikaflex 291!

I’ve done this in the past with the Diff and Engine Mounts on the DC2 and had much success providing a firmer and a more robust feel.

The best $12.00 you can spend!