Project JZX100: New Aero

Origin Labo Streamline
Thanks to Andy Huynh, Voda Tang, Abhinesh Pratap, Nick Chiew, North Shore Toyota, Alex Brown, Moonlight Racing, Origin Labo New Zealand, ORIGIN Labo. GT, Smits Group, Spies Hecker and the team from Ross Reid Contracting for helping to make it all happen!

JZX100: Exhaust Cutout

Since I added the extra muffler into my exhaust the lack of raw 1JZ sound got me thinking of a way which I could enjoy the best of both worlds.

So I bought a 3″ exhaust cut out which is controlled by a wireless remote control.  At the flick of a switch the exhaust bypasses the dumps the gasses before the first muffler – essentially a straight pipe which dumps just behind the shifter.

Thanks to Tom from Pitstop Grey Lynn for modifying it suit my exhaust setup – he extended the split so the motor wouldn’t foul on the driveshaft.  The exhaust was also lifted another 25mm to help with ground clearance.


JZX100: Dead Turbo

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves :(
Looks like the cause of failure is due to the turbo not being balanced and the journal bearing has shat itself causing contact between the compressor wheel and the housing.

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